Places to Go in Beulaville NC

If you are looking for places to go in Beulaville, NC, you can look for local towns that are within a hundred miles of the city. The list below can help you find a variety of places to visit. It also contains some information on other towns in the area.

Liberty Hall

If you’re interested in the history of Sampson County, NC, you might want to check out Liberty Hall. This historic plantation house was built in the late 1730s, and today serves as a museum. The plantation has been restored and is open to the public.

Liberty Hall is one of the most historic plantation houses in the state, built by Thomas Kenan II in the late 1700s. It still features its original heart pine floors and 95 percent of its original windowpanes. It was constructed without indoor plumbing or electricity. Its original design and parrot wallpaper remind of days when men drank brandy and smoked cigars in the library.

The staff of Liberty Hall is preparing for their annual candlelight tours, which take place Dec. 7-8. The tour begins in the visitor’s center, where visitors can view a vintage wedding dress worn by Mary Lily Kenan. In 1901, she married oil tycoon Henry Flagler. The couple later established the Standard Oil Company. The estate is now home to the Flagler Museum.

Muscadine Winery

Muscadine grapes grow naturally in the coastal plain of North Carolina. The vineyards in this part of the state are planted with the Noble, Magnolia, and Carlos cultivars, and produce 16 different muscadine table wines. The wines are well-balanced and range from semi-dry to sweet. Additionally, Cypress Bend Vineyards also produces a number of other types of wine, including Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec.

Muscadine grapes are grown throughout the United States, but only a few varieties are used in winemaking. This grape has thick skins and is naturally resistant to many vineyard diseases. The grape is named for a river in North Carolina, the Scuppernong. It is not related to the Mediterranean variety Muscat, which is often produced in Spain.

The grape is native to North Carolina and was first cultivated in the United States. In fact, it was named the official state fruit of North Carolina in 2001. The grape’s extraordinary flavor, high sugar content, and thick outer skins have earned it a reputation as the state’s signature grape. It grows in clusters of 20-30 grapes, and it produces between 80 and 120 pounds of fruit per vine. In 2016, WoodMill Winery processed about 182 tons of fruit.

Three public parks

Three public parks are available for residents and visitors to the town of Beauville. The William Ray Humphrey Athletic Park is a renovated recreation complex that was once an elementary school. The park offers two outdoor basketball courts, three baseball and softball fields, and restrooms in the concession building. It is also surrounded by a 0.7 mile walking track.

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