Places to Go in Beauvilliant NC

Muscadine Winery

Muscadine wine is one of the oldest varieties of grapes in the United States, and North Carolina is home to some of the oldest vineyards. These grapes are grown throughout the state, from coastal plains to the high mountains. The grapes are generally divided into three flowering categories – red, bronze, and black. Wineries in this region specialize in muscadine grapes.

While there are over 100 varieties of muscadine grapes, only a handful are used in winemaking. They are thick-skinned, green to black-hued, and resistant to many vineyard diseases. These grapes are named for a river in North Carolina. Interestingly, these grapes are not related to the Mediterranean variety Muscat.

The Muscadine grape is thought to be the oldest native variety of grape in the United States. It was named the official state fruit of North Carolina in 2001. It has an unusually thick outer skin and is highly prized for its exceptional flavor. It grows in clusters of about twenty to thirty grapes. A cultivated Muscadine vine produces between 80 and 120 pounds of fruit per vine. During 2016, WoodMill Winery processed over eighty tons of fruit.

Kenan Memorial Ampitheater

The Kenan Memorial Ampitheater is a historic venue located in Kenansville, North Carolina. In the 1960s, the theater was home to historical dramas including “The Liberty Cart.” Today, the venue hosts a variety of concerts and events, including the annual Carolina Panthers Classic and Carolina Tar Heels Classic.

Southern Roots Hair Salon

Southern Roots Hair Salon offers a wide variety of hair styling options. The salon is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Durant. The salon was founded in October 2017 by Brandi Hileman, a licensed cosmetologist since 2010. The salon offers services for men, women, children, and men’s cuts, as well as fashion colors and perms. It also offers facial waxing services.

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