Health Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt

pink himalayan salt

Health Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt

Himalayan pink salt (also known as pink salt) is a mineral salt commonly found in northern India, Himalayan Pradesh in India, Pakistan and other areas in South Asia. The salt is mined from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in the foothills of the dessert. The pink salt is derived from sulfur deposited within the earth’s crust.

Pink Himalayan Salt has been used since ancient times as cooking and health additive. It is often used as an alternative to table salt because it contains trace minerals that are not found in regular table salt. These trace minerals are beneficial to our bodies in several ways. They help to improve cardiovascular health, enhance immunity and promote weight loss. Also, the trace minerals in himalayan salt cause a slightly different reaction in the body than regular table salt does.

One of the minerals found in himalayan salt that is slightly different from regular table salt is iodine. Iodine is helpful for the thyroid gland, helps with the nervous system and is essential for cell regeneration and repair. Many trace minerals are found in small quantities in fish, sea foods and vegetables, making it difficult to consume large amounts in one day. Because the trace minerals in himalayan salt do not contain a large amount of iodine, its absorption is better for your thyroid and other organs.

High blood sugar is commonly seen in people who are suffering from diabetes. High blood sugar causes the body to produce more insulin, causing the cells to use up more energy and produce more glucose, resulting in increased hunger. Excess production of insulin can cause the cells to become overstuffed, resulting in diabetes. Hypoglycemia is another health effect associated with high blood sugar levels. Regular table salt has no known hypoglycemic effect, so using pink salt on a regular basis may help regulate blood sugar levels.

As food continues to breakdown, waste material gathers in the colon. This can contribute to unhealthy bacteria growth and produce toxins that can irritate the sensitive linings of the colon. High levels of toxic waste can contribute to disease, including colon cancer. If you take regular table salt with himalayan salt in any form, it can be beneficial to your health because it helps to reduce this accumulation of waste and improves digestion.

Another of the health benefits associated with pink salt comes from its ability to absorb infrared radiation. In nature, pink salt comes in a dark crystal form. It’s believed this “refractive property” of the mineral contributes to its health benefits. Infrared light is heat energy. Since it absorbs infrared, it works as an effective sunblock for those who have fair skin and dark hair while helping to improve hair color and shine in individuals with darker skin.

The mineral sodium chloride is known to be helpful in relieving water and mineral loss, but some researchers believe there are even more health benefits. They believe pink salt contains a compound called sulfates which act as an anti-depressant. It can also detoxify the liver. The salt’s anti-oxidant properties also provide relief to those suffering from chronic headaches and cramps, high blood pressure, asthma, arthritis, digestive problems and constipation. Pink salt has been found to increase microvesicles, or tiny holes, in the skin, which serve as natural sponges for eliminating toxins. This can be extremely beneficial to athletes and those suffering from athlete’s foot.

There are no health claims about the Pink Himalayan Salt. In fact, the only health claim associated with the product is that it has an excellent cleansing and detoxifying effect. However, it is recommended to avoid regular salt when you first begin using it as it is more concentrated. If you would like to begin enjoying the health benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt, you can buy it in supplement form and take it once a day. You can also make your own pink salt mixture by blending equal parts of rock salt and sea salt to create your own pink Himalayan salt supplement.

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