CIAO Cat Treats

CIAO Cat Treats are made with real deep sea tuna, grain-free chicken and farm-raised chicken fillets, packed in a delicious broth. No matter which flavor your cat prefers, you’re sure to find a tasty treat for him or her at CIAO.

Inaba specializes in harvesting deep sea tuna

Inaba Cat Treats is one of the first companies to make treats for cats. Their products are low in calories and are moist and grain free. They are also free of artificial colors and preservatives. They use only the best quality meat from deep sea tuna, certified dolphin safe, and cage free chicken.

The company only works with sustainable and dolphin-friendly fisheries and packages their products for North America in Saraburi, Thailand. They also have a manufacturing facility in China and headquarters in the United States. Their products are packed in special oxygen-blocking packaging to preserve their freshness.

Inaba specializes in harvesting farm-raised chicken

Inaba Cat Treats are grain-free, moisture-filled treats for cats. They are also free of artificial preservatives and colors. They use the highest quality meats, including cage-free chicken and humanely-raised chicken. They are even certified dolphin-safe, which means they come from farms that don’t hurt animals.

The company has dozens of tasty treats for cats. They feature a variety of textures and flavors, from crunchy to chewy. The company’s Churu Fun Bites, for example, are pillow-shaped and filled with cream cheese. They have a cheesy churu filling inside and a soft baked paste on the outside. These treats offer two textures in one bite, which is the perfect combination for your cat.

Inaba specializes in harvesting chicken

Inaba CIAO is a company that produces more than 300 different products. They are passionate about providing healthy options for their customers’ pets. Their treats are grain-free, high in moisture, and made without artificial coloring or preservatives. The company also sources their ingredients from sustainable, farm-raised chicken and tuna.

Inaba has been in the pet food industry since 1958. It is a family-owned company with a passion for pets. Their ingredients are nutrient-rich and human grade. Inaba’s founder, Yoshizo Inaba, started his company by harvesting fresh tuna and delivering it to Japanese families. Inaba later expanded into the pet food industry and created the CIAO TM brand.

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