All About Kosher Sea Salt

Sea salt is a very versatile product, and its use extends to almost every cuisine. But there is one type that is more popular than the rest, and kosher sea salt is probably the most popular of all. It is a versatile product that is used in many cooking methods, but it is mostly known as a table salt. Its high concentration in sodium makes it a very high quality product that should be chosen carefully when purchasing.

Table salt is a very broad term, and kosher is right at the top of the price point. Most kosher salts have a high concentration of potassium, magnesium and chloride in them, and are also very fine. Table salt tends to be heavier than sea salt, so it can be expensive and it’s not recommended that you buy the cheaper brands. Some kosher salts, like Morton kosher salt has uniform flakes with a high salt content that adds that salty flavor to foods.

There are two main types of kosher salts: continental and megalah. Continental kosher salts are the traditional salts most of us are used to eating, and these come in two different forms: crystalline and paste. Although a little less common, megalah salts can also come in the form of tiny crystals that contain small amounts of the minerals. Because of the high value placed on the crystals, it is common to find them being sold in high-end kosher markets and in discount health food stores.

A third type of kosher salt is mined salt. These salts are generally not as fine as kosher salt, but are still available and sold at relatively high prices. The main difference between mined salt and the table salt you might be accustomed to buying is that these fine grains of salt contain smaller crystals, rather than the large flakes that are seen on the market. This makes for a salt with a unique flavor, but one that is not as high in magnesium and other important minerals your body needs.

In addition to its unique flavor, kosher sea salts also have other uses. Because it’s coarse in nature, sea salts help to release the natural flavor from fish and seafood when they are cooked. For people who like their fish fried, this helps to preserve the natural flavor. kosher sea salt is also a great alternative if you want to season your bread or potatoes with a salt that is closer to the sea salt you might be accustomed to eating.

Irregardless of the type of kosher sea salt you prefer, it’s important to know that the salt you purchase should come directly from the sea. Many distributors make their salt just as you would get it in a grocery store – in bulk. When purchasing kosher salt in bulk, it’s important to know that the salt will be coming straight from the sea. This will ensure that the salt is just as beneficial to you as if you had purchased it in a regular grocery store, but will be much higher in its natural flavor and color.

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